Enjoy the beautiful and sunny days of Marbella because we take care of your errands.

The house, kids, school, work, family, friends, commitments and much more, make it impossible to get to everything and everyone with time and relaxed, it becomes very hard to enjoy the moment. Shopping, go for recipes, go to the laundry, take the kids to activities, birthdays, buy tickets for shows, and car ITV, enlist some supply as electricity ...., call and ask us for your errand, which errand you cannot dowe make for you. We will be pleased to help you.

We want make easiest the day to day to those people who due to the lack of time they can not do everything they want. Our business purpose is quite simple:

What do you need? When do you need? Where do you need?
We can organize and manage any event or situation that you need. Locate professionals who will fit your needs



Particular Services

  • Walk your pet
  • Visits to disabled persons
  • Accompany people doctor
  • Sick visiting
  • Arrange appointments with doctor or specialist
  • Traffic paper work (Guardia Civil)
  • Boats cleaning
  • Clothes laundry or tailor delivery
  • Car inspection ITV
  • Clean your car
  • Take your car to garage
  • Pots and balconies cleaning
  • Administrative procedures in several municipalities, land registry, social security, etc..
  • Mail collection and delivery, documents, small packages, etc
  • Packaging / Tax payment
  • Bill payments
  • Managing in power supply contract modification (electricity, water, telephone)
  • And much more ...

Business Services



  • Preparing and sending mailings
  • Customers invoice delivery
  • Prepare all type of documents in computers
  • Scan Documents
  • Advertising distribution
  • Collect or send  customers or distributors orders
  • Delivery documentation to the "gestoría"
  • Presentation and payment of taxes / Banks
  • Management of outstanding sales
  • Take the car wash or workshop
  • Etc, etc.


  • "Ask for the errand you need"








Special Services



  • Collect our customers in restaurants and take them home
  • Documentation to warehouse transfers
  • Airport pickup and AVE
  • We do all you can`t or you do not want to do, as long as it's legal. ;-)  
  • Ask for your errand without any kind of commitment